Ugh it has been a cold couple of weeks here in Poland, with up to -20 degrees C. I’m usually not such a softy, but now I could feel the long winter weighing down on me. So I did something I almost never do – I gave the horses and me a break. For almost a month now I just went to see how they are doing every couple of days and otherwise drove to my lessons or stayed home altogether. And, to be honest, I had a great time on my warm couch, with my dog curling up at my feet.

So yesterday I awoke the groundhog and seriously started training again. After all, it’s just four weeks until our next clinic with Marius Schneider.

The horse are doing absolutely great; they are even better than before the break. I think sometimes they need some time to digest everything, too. Each time I’m having a longer break in my training, I made that same experience.

So, back to work we go!


“Riding is not a sport – it is an art. There is nothing to win except the heart of your horse.”

~ Bettina Biolik ~

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