Today Nazir and Weto moved back to Stajnia Olender, which we had left almost one year ago to go on adventure
The move was very uneventful. Artur from Stajnia Rzęszyce drove them over with his awesome truck, they unloaded and were like “ok, we’re here again, cool”.

We let them eat some hay in the box and then led them to the big paddock to meet the other horses, which was equally uneventful. A short “hello, who are you” (and in Weto’s case “I’m the boss here, just that you know!”), and they went back to eating hay as if the last year had not happened.

I was a bit sad to leave Rzęszyce, it’s such a nice and cozy place with wonderful people. But the drive out there every day is just killing me. 63km one way, that’s 126km a day just to see the horses. And if I have lessons and drive to other stables around Warsaw, lots more comes on top. So I felt myself at the end of my capacity. Now I still need to drive 40km one way, but with a much shorter time because the road is better. I know that for some of you that still sounds crazy, but that’s the reality of keeping horses in Warsaw (and not having your own place).

Agata, owner of Olender, gave us such a warm welcome that I was actually really happy to be back.

I also have some projects for this spring/ summer – I want to make some films of the horses, something a bit more educational, and for that, Olender is just perfect with all the nice trees around and the outside arena by the forest.

AND – Agata said we’ll see if we can build an open stable for Nazir, Weto and Honcio (who will join next Monday as well), so they can live outside the whole year. We’ll just have to see what we do about the water in winter. Isn’t that great news??? The horses got used to living outside so much during the past year that I’m really appreciating this

So, I have enough of moving around for a while  Time to settle in again and move forward with the training.

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