Here you find equipment that I love and that I use myself. I have done a lot of searching and testing to find good quality tools for a fair price that fulfill all my requirements. When taken care of well, these items will serve you for a lot of years. For now I don’t offer a fully functional shop, but I have a few selected items for sale to my students and to those interested in the art of riding. For orders please write me an email to or use the contact form.

Saddles for the Art of Riding

La Selle Sattelmanufaktur, situated in Dresden/ Germany, produces wonderful saddles for the art of riding as well as high quality equipment. Since October 2016 I’m an official sales partner. If your heart starts to beat faster when you look at their beautiful saddles, I can visit you and your horse to take measurements. We order a test saddle in which you can ride for a couple of days. Then your saddle is custom made to fit you and your horse. There are a wide range of design possibilities – you can build your dream saddle or go for something elegant and simple. Whatever the design, all saddles have a leather tree for maximum comfort and flexibility. For a full product list contact me or visit

La Selle saddles enable a unique connection between horse and rider. The leather tree transfers the horse’s movement to your seat while at the same time providing distribution of weight to your horse. The horse is able to feel your seat and smallest shifts of weight, which is really essential for the art of riding, because we use our seat as the main aid. Most ordinary saddles force you into a fixed position and allow for very little movement. Moreover, they can restrict the horse’s movement, especially in the shoulder area. The La Selle saddle gives you the freedom to find your own seat and due to its cut-back iron, the shoulder has an extraordinary amount of place to move. You can find a balanced, natural seat while your horse enjoys maximum comfort. All saddles are equipped with a flexible leather tree, a broad channel for the horse’s spine, and Y-straps. Free ebook: saddle fit (You have to subscribe to their newsletter)

La Selle Epona

The Epona is the classic saddle model, available in three basic colours (black, brown, or london) or with your individual design. It has small galleries (front and back of the seat) and an Iberian style saddle flap. The broad saddle cushions allow for a large freedom of the spine and maximum distribution of weight. The saddle cushions are filled with layers of neoprene (“sandwich” cushion), which eliminates the frequent reflocking of the saddle and remains stable for many years. The saddle cushions are custom fitted to your horse’s back. Due to the flexible leather tree, a certain amount of muscular changes is no problem.

Link to Gallery:

La Selle L’Art Pour L’Art

Especially developed for the art of riding, The L’Art Pour L’Art truly helps you to ride like the old masters! The design, inspired by Renaissance riding masters, supports your seat during basic exercises as well as the airs above the ground. It has higher galleries, a quilted seat, small knee rolls (front and back), and a slightly narrower seat than the Epona. Otherwise, the build is the same as the Epona (saddle cushions, leather tree etc.). The design possibilities for the L’Art Pour L’Art are endless! Have a look at the picture gallery:

La Selle Dressage

The outward design of the Dressage is more similar to a regular dressage saddle, while the tree and saddle cushions are the same as with all La Selle saddles. The knee rolls give a bit more support while the seat allows you to find your own position, just like with the other models. The longer saddle flap invited for a long leg. It is also suitable for competitions. You and your horse will love this saddle! Besides the basic colours black, brown, and london, you are free to choose your own design:

Bareback Pads

Bareback pads are a great way to school your seat. You will naturally sit more balanced and learn to feel your horse. Bareback pads don’t have a saddle tree.

La Selle Filzsattel

A bareback pad made of wool and leather.

The pad provides an even distribution of weight and can be used with stirrups.

You will be surprised how much it feels like a saddle while at the same time allowing you to feel your horse just as if you ride in a pad! The Filzsattel is great for young horses as well, which still change a lot in the saddle area. Many riders are happy with this pad as their sole saddle!

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Cavessons and Semi-cavessons

All-in-one Cavesson

A multifunctional tool with exceptional leather quality by La Selle! Can be used for any kind of bitless riding:

  • 3 rings on noseband (lunging, groundwork, work in hand)
  • 2 sidepull rings
  • 2 rings for bosal effect (chin strap)
  • possibility to add hackamore shanks
  • possibility to attach a bit

The All-in-one Cavesson has extra padding in all sensitive areas and an anatomically shaped crown piece. It’s easy to adjust and has a great fit. One piece of equipment for any kind of use and with exceptional quality – to last your horse’s life. Available in black with silver buckles and brown with brass.

All in One Cavecon
cavesson Portuguese leather

Cavesson, Portuguese Leather

A simple cavesson of good leather quality. The nose piece is flexible (bike chain with leather around) and has three rings: the middle ring is used for groundwork and lunging, the two on the side for work in hand or riding. Available in black or brown, with silver buckles. Size: full (please contact me for measurements). Price: 109,- EUR.


A simple cavesson for daily work at an affordable price. The nose piece is flexible (bike chain with leather around) and has three rings: the middle ring is used for groundwork and lunging, the two on the side for work in hand or riding. Available in black or brown, with silver buckles. Sizes: XL, full, cob, (please contact me for measurements). Price: 85 EUR.



A semi-cavesson is mostly used in combination with a semi-bridle and a curb bit (4 reins) and can be removed later when the horse is ridden one handed on a curb (2 reins). The rein on the semi-cavesson is used to explain stellning and bending, and to lift up the nose should the horse come too deep. The semi-cavesson is made of leather and doesn’t have a bike chain inside. Available in black or brown with silver or brass buckles. Price 40 EUR.

Semi-cavesson With Chain

This semi-cavesson has a bike chain inside, covered with leather. This way you can avoid too much leather on your horse’s head and can use it instead of a cavesson/bridle combination. Available in black or brown with silver or brass buckles, with 2 or 3 rings. Price 40 EUR.

Bridles & Reins

La Selle bridle

La Selle Bridle

The La Selle bridle is made of exceptional quality leather and can be used with a snaffle or a curb. The noseband can easily be exchanged for a semi-cavesson. The bridle has a simple, elegant design and can be made with different coloured stitching or embroidery according to your wishes. Available in black or brown with silver or brass buckles. Basic price: 189 EUR (without reins)

Portuguese Bridle

An elegant, classic bridle of good quality leather with decorative buckles. Simple yet a little out of the ordinary. Available in black or brown, with silver or brass buckles, plain noseband. (In the picture, Weto is wearing a semi-cavesson instead of the plain noseband). Size full. Price 119 EUR.


For everyone who prefers a minimalistic design at an affordable price. Can be combined with a semi-cavesson. Available in black or brown, with silver or brass buckles. Price: 32 EUR

La Selle Reins

Reins in extraordinary quality for that bit of extra feel! The only rein you will ever want to use. Simple and with a minimalistic buckle (pin). Available in black and brown with silver or brass pins. Different leather colors and colors of stitching possible. Price: 69 EUR (280cm) and 79 EUR (320cm).


Simple reins for daily work at an affordable price. Available in black or brown, with silver or brass buckles. Length 320cm, 14 or 16mm. Price 30 EUR.

Reins With Snaps

Reins with snaps for daily work at an affordable price, easy to attach and detach. Great when switching from groundwork or lunging to work in hand or riding. Available in black or brown, with silver or brass buckles, in 310cm or 340cm. Price 38 EUR.

Leather longe line

Leather Lunge Line

A leather lunging rope by La Selle in the usual La Selle quality. 5m of braided leather with a core of hemp rope for stability. With an extra light snap. Price: 145 EUR.

Curb Bits

In the academic art of riding, the curb bit is used for collection – to keep the topline long and avoid a shortening of the neck. It is a tool for communication and not for coercion! I will only sell curb bits to my personal students of whom I can be sure they know how to use them. There are many different types and shapes of curb bits. In order to avoid starting your own bit collection, my students can borrow one of my bits to find out what their horse prefers.

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“Riding is not a sport – it is an art. There is nothing to win except the heart of your horse.”

~ Bettina Biolik ~

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