Courses are a great occasion to meet like-minded horse people and be inspired. By working with your own horse, watching lessons and listening to theory lectures, you will have lots of new input and learn some new skills. Courses in the Academic Art of Riding are characterised by a relaxed atmosphere and openness for riders of all levels and horses of all ages and breeds.

You will take home a whole concept of how to work your horse from the ground and from the saddle, a concept that when followed will lead you to the art of riding. In our times, the knowledge the old riding masters is almost forgotten, but their teachings and ideas can still inspire us today and help us to grow. The Academic Art of Riding strives to reconstruct the ways of the old masters and combines them with the latest scientific findings and modern biomechanics. In this way, you will learn proven methods and get a tailor-made approach for you and your horse at the same time.

The first important step is to build up a common language with your horse. Finding relaxation and strengthening the relationship is followed by the teaching of aids and basic exercises. The different aids and elements will combine to more complex and advanced exercises, which will improve balance, suppleness and shape. Thus, you and your horse will build up a powerful chain of knowledge and gain more and more confidence.


If we cannot master the basics, how do we expect to understand the advanced?

~ Bettina Biolik ~

In my courses, I take special care to explain exercises in a very comprehensive way. I take you by the hand and show you how it’s done. You learn how to identify correct movement and you will really understand the essence – what you are doing and why you are doing it. I pass on everything I have learned from my teachers. The art of riding is a life-long journey, but with a few changes you and your horse can start this journey right now!

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your horse and finding out what can take you to the next level. For more information about what I teach please have a look at the lessons page.

General Information


I prefer to teach a mixture of theory lectures and practical lessons. Lessons are mostly one on one (30-40min), but sometimes group lessons can be beneficial as well (60min).

Training Day

  • Each rider receives 2 lessons
  • 3-7 participants
  • 1 theory lecture
  • listeners welcome

Weekend Courses

  • Riders receive either 3 lessons (program until Sunday 2pm) or 4 lessons (program until Sunday evening).
  • 4-7 participants
  • 2 theory lectures and one session with dry practice
  • Listeners welcome

Course Topics

Courses can be either general or with a specific focus.

In a general course, everyone can work on a different area, depending on their level and interest. Topics for courses with a specific focus can be, for example, basic or advanced groundwork, lunging without side reins, or a riding topic such as the side movements or forward as the basis for collection.

Course Schedule

Here is an example for a course or training day schedule (6 participants with horse):

  • 9:00 theory
  • 10:00 – 13:00 individual lessons
  • 13:00 lunch break
  • 14:00 theory/practical exercises without horse
  • 14:30 – 18:30 individual lessons


We need an arena with even ground and if possible a room or space for theory lectures. For the cold season, an indoor arena is great but not a must. For academic groundwork we use a cavesson, which I can bring to the course.

Prices and dates

For latest prices and available dates please contact me.


Let me inspire you!

Are You

  • Bored with your own training routine?
  • Stuck with an exercise?
  • Looking for more softness, awareness and harmony in your training?
  • Hungry for more knowledge?
  • Did you always feel that riding and working with a horse should be an art and not a pulling contest?


Then let me share my concepts and knowledge with you, join me and be inspired!

What You Will Get

  • Detailed, step by step training concept –  tailor made for you and your horse
  • Knowledge of how to build up a training session
  • Breaking down of complex exercises into easy to follow steps
  • Thorough understanding of how to teach a horse


I want my students to understand what they are doing, why they are doing it, and the horse to deeply understand the aids and exercises.

Join Me


“Riding is not a sport – it is an art. There is nothing to win except the heart of your horse.”

~ Bettina Biolik ~

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