Learning together

Clinics are a great occasion to meet like-minded horse people and be inspired. By working with your own horse, watching lessons and listening to theory lectures, you will have lots of new input and learn some new skills.

In my courses, I take special care to explain exercises in a very comprehensive way. I take you by the hand and show you how it’s done. You learn how to identify correct movement and you will really understand the essence – what you are doing and why you are doing it. Moreover, we will consider what your horse has to say about the training and how to develop a trustful connection. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your horse and finding out what can take you to the next level! 

Weekend clinic:  

  • 4-7 participants with horse 
  • 3 individual lessons (30min) 
  • 2 theory lectures  
  • Listeners welcome

Training day:  

  • 4-7 participants with horse
  • 2 individual lessons (30min)
  • 1 theory lecture
  • Listeners welcome

Prices 2024


Weekend clinic: 600 PLN per rider, 150 PLN per listener, plus petrol/ drive 

Training day: 400 PLN per rider, 100 PLN per listener, plus petrol/ drive 


Weekend clinic: 1600 EUR (including up to 7 riders, no limit on listeners, plus travel costs) Training day: 1100 EUR (including up to 7 riders, no limit on listeners, plus travel costs) 

Special offer for smaller groups, min. 4 riders:  

Weekend clinic: 190 EUR per rider, 40 EUR per listener, plus travel costs. 

Training day: 140 EUR per rider, 30 EUR per listener, plus travel costs.

Clinics Worldwide:  

If you are interested in arranging a clinic in your country, please use the contact form to enquire  about conditions and prices! 

Online Clinics  

It is possible to organise clinics online! The same conditions as for live clinics apply, minus travel costs. The lessons and theory will be streamed live. I have experience teaching live lessons and  theory classes online. You need a stable wifi or data connection in your arena. This is a great option if I cannot visit you in person! Please contact me for further information.

Inquire about clinics

Clinic Organisation: 

  • We need an arena with even ground and if possible a room or space for theory lectures.  Please have enough chairs for everyone to sit comfortably. 
  • I appreciate a projector or a Flipchart for the theory.
  • For the cold season, an indoor arena is great but not a must. If there is no indoor, consider a garden pavilion for the listeners.
  • For academic groundwork and longe work we use a cavesson.
  • The clinic host has to organise transport, accommodation and food for me. If I can close a door, private accommodation is fine. When offering me a place to sleep, please make sure I can rest so I can give my best effort for everyone. Please confirm flight times with me before booking tickets!
  • Additional private lessons are not always possible during a clinic, especially when they are not on site.
  • Sound equipment: Please have a speaker and microphone available. In Poland, I can bring my own setup. Please contact me in this case. I have a wireless microphone to take on a flight as well.
  • Clinics can be general or have a certain topic, such as the academic seat, the side movements, starting groundwork, advanced longe work, half-halt and school halt, the aids, avoiding stress in dressage training, developing collection, etc. Please let me know what your group is interested in!
  • I teach in English or German. If necessary, please organise a translator.
  • Time frame: We start on Saturday at 9am. Riders receive two individual lessons on Saturday and one on Sunday. There is a theory lecture each day. The course ends at about 3pm on Sunday. The clinic organiser is in charge of the exact timetable.
  • Creating Facebook events is a great way to find more listeners and finance travel costs. As a clinic organiser, you decide about the final price for participants.



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