A life for teaching & horses

Who am I and how would I describe myself? These are not easy questions to answer. Especially on a web page. What I do is a lot easier: I’m a horse riding instructor and horse trainer, currently situated near Warsaw, Poland. I teach people from all corners of the world how to connect better with their horses, how to develop their timing and feel, and their understanding of and skill in dressage exercises.

Since 2018, I’m a member of the Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding, and since 2019 a licensed Bent Branderup Trainer. From 2015 until today, I’m spending time each year as a working student at Bent Branderup’s place in Denmark to be able to learn from Bent and his wife, Kathrin Branderup. I also did several internships at Gestüt Moorhof, Germany, learning from Marius Schneider and Carina Dörfler. My teachers degree from the University of Leipzig, Germany, helps me to tailor my lessons to my individual student’s needs.

About Bettina Biolik

Guiding you with clarity, empathy & compassion

As a teacher, my main focus is on a soft communication with the horse, clear body language, a good understanding of the groundwork and riding aids, and correct movement. I’m especially enthusiastic about training for straightness. I teach at my stable, drive around for lesson tours, and teach clinics throughout Poland in order to make the academic art more known there. I’m available for one day workshops and weekend clinics and enjoy travelling and teaching internationally, too. As a native German speaker, I also teach in German. I support my international students through regular and structured online lessons. 

My approach to dressage is a combination of correct biomechanics, a step by step, easy to understand training process, as well as compassion and empathy for both horses and humans alike. I just love people and horses! 

I also run a small, open stable with two of my friends. My horses live in a herd and are never  confined to stalls. Keeping horses in a natural way as much as possible is a heartfelt concern of mine. There is no better view in the world than to see them lying around sleeping when I get to the stable in the morning or feeling their peaceful presence when they graze in the fields. 

And who am I? I am a very sensitive, compassionate, and joyful human being. My big passions in life are teaching, horses, and life itself. The art of riding connects everything I love and gives  purpose to my life. I meet so many interesting humans and horses, I can share the things I have learned, and I can travel. I hope our paths cross one day and we can travel some of the journey together! 


Bettina Biolik


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